The tonalite-throndjemite-granidiorite (TTGs) suite of granitoid rocks were dominant during the formation of the felsic continental crust in the Archean. They arecharacterised by high contents of silica and sodium, with low potassium-sodium ratios, low La/Yb ratios and low Yb concentration. The partial melting of water saturated eclogitic rocks, under PT conditions consistent with Archean subduction, has efficiently generated TTG rocks. Along with these suites, potassicgranitoids with overlapping or similar ages have been recorded throughout the world, raising questions regarding the origin of both rocks. Currently, I am investigating the possibility if both suites have been derived from the same source or different ones, considering the context of the Barbeton Greenstone belt, in which potassicgranitoids with relatively low Ca content have shown overlapping ages with the TTGs.





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