BSc Majoring in Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Geoscience, University of Adelaide, 2005.
BSc(Hons) First class, University of Adelaide, 2006.
PhD University of Adelaide, 2007-2010.


Metamorphic evolution of the Barberton granite-greenstone belt. Collaborators: Gary Stevens
Metamorphic evolution of HT-UHT rocks of the Gawler Craton, South Australia. Collaborators: Martin Hand, Dave Kelsey & Katie Howard.
Neoproterozoic tectonics along the Laurentian margin of Rodinia. Collaborators: Rob Strachan, Martin Hand, Dave Kelsey and Anna Bird.
The Caledonian metamorphic record of Scotland and Shetland. Collaborators: Martin Hand, Rob Strachan, Dave Kelsey and Anna Bird.



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